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Industry Focused Products!

Rebar is supplied in stock lengths ranging from 6m ; 6.5m and 13m.Rebar may also be cut & bent according to your requirements and engineers bending schedule.

We stock all sizes of rebar from as small as R6 for reinforcing walls to Y32 for double story slabs.

Reinforced mesh for slabs, driveways and concrete floors. Standard size per sheet – 6m x 2.4m ( 14.4 m2)

DPM plastic 3m x 30m

Damp proof membrane -SABS approved Plastic – 3m x 30m per roll

Spacer Blocks

Ensuring your concrete goes were its needed most. we stock all sizes from 20mm – 50mm

Black Bailing wire

Black Bailing wire 1.6mm used for binding steel & fixing.

Slab Package

With so much on your mind its easy to forget items, just choose slab package and we will provide all the necessary components or you can build your own.

Slab Package

Received a Bending schedule and don’t know what to do?….